5am Wakeup

We’re flying to Key West tomorrow for a wedding, and the impending switch to East Coast time has given me the kick in the pants I needed to start waking up earlier. Like early-early. Like, five fucking thirty in the morning.

Ye Gads. I feel tired! :)

Waking up early will be a good thing, as my sleep-wake schedule has gotten funky. I’ve been getting up at ten, and staying up till two, which isn’t inherently bad except that I’m completely unproductive on that schedule. I may be a night-owl by genetics, but that schedule doesn’t help me write, exercise, or lift my tubby butt off the couch. So now I’m entranced with the shiny concept of waking up at 5, writing for a few hours, and then starting my day with that work behind me.

In theory, it sounds great. In practice, here on day two of waking up earlier, I’m sitting at my desk with my chin dipping down into my coffee cup, feeling like my head is stuffed full of cotton wool. But I’m a believer in baby steps. Yesterday I got up at six thirty, today it was five thirty, and I made it over to my desk and sat down. Because I felt too woolly-headed to write, I did some business tasks instead.

I may be tired, but I can handle website updates with half a brain. I’m switching from a stuffy author blog to my more free-flowing personal blog, and I needed to connect up the new weblinks to the correct places. And now my head is only feeling half-woolly. So that’s progress!

Or possibly it’s the coffee finally kicking in.


February 22, 2019 · mornings · productivity · business

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