6am on Saturday

It’s 6am on Saturday and I’m sitting at my desk in the dark and listening to the wind blow outside. I went to bed at 10pm last night which seems oddly early for a weekend, but I’ve been wanting to shift my schedule up so I can write in the early mornings, have a full measure of work done by lunch, and then move into my day with my creative work behind me.

I like the quiet of the morning, and the darkness inside the room when the shades are down, and the fact that P is still in bed, although it’s almost certain that my noisy keystrokes will wake him in time. (A downside of studio living)

It’s not enough to wake up early and write, because writing requires a certain mental alertness, and sitting at a desk feeling foggy-headed and half asleep doesn’t work. Trust, me, I’ve tried. :)

My to-do list says sit down, then visualize the future I want, then start writing. For a while now I’ve been visualizing the notion of getting up early, in the dark, before the city does, to work at my desk in the quiet hours. Here I am, doing that, so the visualization has come true. Now I’ll visualize my good health, and a fat stack of books that I’ve written, and get started making those things happen.

March 2, 2019

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