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Welcome to Unedited! This site is my writing journal, and by putting it in a blog format I’m creating a searchable record of my creative process.

I’m an author, primarily of fiction, and I need to practice my skills, conduct research, and reflect on what I’m learning. Over the years I’ve kept notes in various places, but I tend to lose track of the big picture.

It may seem odd to keep a writing journal in public, but blogging motivates me to keep on learning, and I like the idea that I can come back here and easily search through my old posts. And while some writers might worry that internet snoops will steal their ideas” to write a masterpiece of their own, I’m not too worried. Firstly, it’s almost impossible to steal an idea, because writing is, most always, a remix of what’s come before. Secondly, copyright law still applies to a blog, and I can always hire a shark in a suit if anyone gets handsy with my material. And to be honest, I doubt this site will contain many literary diamonds, as I do most of my work inside manuscript files.

As this is a writing journal, and it’s about practice and productivity, the entries will be rough, random, and unedited. But I plan to enjoy myself along the way, and I welcome you to flip through my journal and dog-ear the pages, if that’s what floats your boat.

Thanks for stopping by.

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December 20, 2018 · admin

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