Perhaps it isn’t wise, but I’ve decided to cheat on my manuscript with other manuscripts.

I enjoy being a multi-tasker. Not in the sense of thinking about four things at once, but I tend to do one task until I get tired, then switch to another, then switch back. Perhaps I’m more of an alternator than a multi-tasker?

Today I worked on Power Play, and I also created tidy new Scrivener files for all the other books bouncing around in my head. And I’m wondering: Can I bounce between them? I’d like to keep my focus on Power Play, but perhaps a little variety will keep my brain from tiring out. A little of A, then some B, then back to A.

Like a crazy person, I now have five novels to work on.

  1. Power Play (Jessica Warne #2) my primary project
  2. DOW (Kat Voyzey #4)
  3. GTM (New Mystery Series)
  4. TA (New Mystery-Sci-fi Series)
  5. WOW (New Cozy Series)

No, I don’t want to put the full titles out on the web. ;)

This might be a terrible idea, productivity-wise, but I’m intrigued. Let’s see how it goes!

January 21, 2019 · process

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