New Year

How nice to put the holidays behind me. While I enjoy the socializing, treats, and twinkling lights of the long holiday season, I feel weary and bloated at the end of the year. Now, with January ahead of me, I’m ready for normalcy and forward motion. All lights at the intersection are green! Let’s go.

Work Worries

I’m preparing to re-open my consulting business in a few weeks. Moving forward I’ll be working part time. I figure I’ll start by letting my former clients/colleagues know that I’m back. If I’m lucky, I’ll pick up a few faciliation projects in 2019.

I’ve been pretty nervous about my return to work. Not because of the work, but because I don’t want to ruin this sweet setup of mine. (Writing books, traveling, getting enough sleep.) But there’s plenty of slack in my week, even when I’m writing and traveling throughout the year. Although to keep myself from falling back into a workaholic vortex, I’ve set cap on the number of days I’ll consult next year.

Note to self: Chill. You can handle this!

Current Publishing Tasks

What I’m Writing Now

I spiked my first draft of Power Play (see: stale bread), and I’m reworking act one using the looping method borrowed from Dean Wesley Smith. The process feels good but damned slow.

Slow might be good though. A big trend in writing advice is to get your shitty draft down quick, then fix it in multiple revisions.” But what if I don’t want to write a shitty first draft? What if I want to step slowly and surely, taking in the view, and enjoying each beat as I go?


January 1, 2019 · work

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