July 28, 2019

Day Forty-Seven

Feeling pretty good. Started the day with coffee/reading, a workout, and some time on the roof to soak up some rays. Started work after lunch at 12:30.

Today I Wrote:

+1472 words on Power Play

And I Also:

+Updated my editorial document to add feedback from Thursday’s critique group.

July 27, 2019

Day Forty-Six

Off — Weekend

July 26, 2019

Day Forty-Five

Off — Family Time

July 25, 2019

Day Forty-Four

Reviewed about 15,000 words for critique group. I love the group, but it’s certainly a chunk of work for each meeting!

The group put my first two chapters through the meat grinder. I feel simultaneously supported and rubbed raw. A good critique group makes you say: Yes! (ouch) Yes! (ouch)

July 24, 2019

Day Forty-Three

Oops. I overwrote this file and lost my notes.

July 23, 2019

Day Forty-Two

I estimate there are about 12,000 words left to write in Act 2.

Today I Wrote:

+1203 words on Power Play

+ Reviewed/Commented on 10K words for Critique Group