As 2019 approaches I’m thinking about my work/life balance. Can I add some consulting back into the mix without ruining this sweet setup of mine? Here’s a look at my changing percentages.

Work/Life balance before going on sabbatical from consulting:

Net result: Plenty of money, Very little time, Stress level high.

Work/Life balance for the first half of my sabbatical:

Net result: Living off savings, endless free time, detox mode. (because we are together most of the time, marriage-time no longer broken out separately.)

Work/Life balance for the second half of my sabbatical:

Net result: Living frugally, plenty of free time, life is good, low stress.

The Post-Sabbatical Percentages

Adding some consulting work back into the mix, here’s what I’m hoping my percentages will look like in 2019.

None of my percentages are meant to be taken literally. They’re an expression of where I want my energy to be going.


December 30, 2018 · work

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