Today: February 6, 2019

It’s Wednesday already, and my writing week” is just getting started. Monday was spent having too much fun with my blog, and yesterday I was up north attending to my consulting practice.

My author copies of The Assistant with the new paperback cover just arrived, and they’re very attractive and thriller-y! Patrick spent much of our train ride yesterday updating the paperback interior to give our (new) cover artist credit for her work and to fix a couple typos I found. The PDF needs a lot of post-processing to make it work with the printers, so even small changes to the file can become a hassle.

Such is the nature of self-publishing! And I’m grateful to have a partner who is detail-oriented and tech savvy. The fact that I’m married to him and he’s as sexy as hell is just a bonus. ;)

My current goal (hope?) is to finish a complete first draft of Power Play before we go to Japan at the end of March. That would allow me to let it go” while we travel for a few weeks. Then I can come back from our trip with fresh eyes for revisions. I haven’t done the math on how many words I need to write per day, but the deadline alone will light a fire under my ass and push me forward.

Now that act one of Power Play is in decent shape, I’ve sent it off to a friend of mine who is also a writer. She’ll read it and send me some feedback while I work on the next section. My Friday writers group is great for getting feedback on a snippet or scene, but it’s beneficial to have someone who can see the bigger picture.

Should I write down my goals for the week? Probably.

Okay, enough thinking. Back to the manuscript. I’m working on a conversation between two villains, and it’s so much fun! With my first-person cozies, I spend a lot of time inside the mind of the good guys.” Here, I get to write from the perspective of a cold-hearted murderous super-bitch, and it’s tremendously entertaining.


February 6, 2019 · today · power play

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