Today January 25, 2019

Today I’m at writers’ group. We’re in a coffee shop, in a tight cluster around a long white table too big for us, and fingers are flying, pens are scratching across paper, and finger pads are pressing against the glass of an iPad in a flaking mock-leather case.

Writing is something you do alone, so once in a while it’s nice to do it together. We gather at the coffee shop, order a drink and perhaps a muffin, and we sit in a huddle writing our individual projects. At the end, if you want to, you can read and get feedback.

Writers’ group is a reminder that you’re not alone.

Writers’ group is a comfort.

Writers’ group shows you that everyone struggles.

Writers’ group teaches you to be kind to the person whose writing is terrible.

Writers’ group keeps you humble, because sometimes your writing is terrible.

Writers’ group teaches you to be kind to yourself!

The coffee is good today, and we start reading aloud in thirty-five minutes.

January 25, 2019 · today

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