Waiting for Snow

We’re expecting a big snowstorm in Seattle, so I interrupted my writing day yesterday to do a Costco run. We’re snug inside our tiny condo today, the fire is on, and the show is due to start within the next few hours.

In typical Seattle style, I expect the populace to be pissed if it’s anything less than a snowpocalypse. We’re weird that way. Give us a chance to prepare for a storm, and we’ll get angry it if doesn’t arrive. HOW DARE YOU WARN ME I MIGHT NEED EXTRA FOOD we will shout over our steaming fair-trade lattes.

I blew off some steam this morning by enthusiastically dragging Spotify for trying to take over the podcasting industry. I love a good business rant! It really clears out the pipes, like meditation, only with more cussing.

Today I’ll draft three scenes, have a phone call with my writer friend D from St. Louis, and stare out the window a lot.

My brain: Let’s write! We’re already behind schedule.

My heart: snow, snow, snow, snow.

February 8, 2019 · today · power play

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